Tad Lucas Award

Tad Lucas was known as "Rodeo's First Lady," and there is grand truth in that statement. No one, man or woman, rode rough stock or performed more fearlessly than Tad Lucas.

Tad Lucas was an original, and was honored by the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

By all accounts, Tad was a woman of not only great talent, but of spirit, courage and compassion. The Tad Lucas award is awarded to women who have exhibited the same sort of extraordinary characteristics while upholding and promoting our great Western heritage.

Name Vital Information Year Awarded
Adams, Vicki 1951- 2012, OK
Barnes, Donita 1935-2011 2010, IA
Beals, Imogene Veach 1921- 2001, OK
Blackstone, Faye 1915-2011 1993, NE
Burson, Polly Drayer Mills 1919-2006 1990, OR
Camarillo, Sharon 1948- 1997, CA
Dearing, Judy Louise 1935- 2004, OK
Decker, Jo 1925-2010 1999, TX
Eskew Pumphrey, Madonna 1941- 2003, OK
Fraser, Geraldine "Jerry" 1930-2008 2006, AR, TX
Gay, Kay 1938- 1994, TX
Gibbs-Munroe, Jimmie 1952- 1996, TX
Jauregui, Shirley Lucas 1924- 2008, CA
Kensinger, Arlene 1930- 1995, WY
Kesler, Liz 1926- 2009, TX
Minick, Pamela 1955- 1998, TX
Parks, Mary Elizabeth 1910-1997 1991, CO
Santos, Kendra 1961- 2011, CA
Serpa, Louise 1925-2012 2002, NY
Shoulders, Sharon 1923- 2005, OK
Taylor, Berva Dawn 1929-2013 2007, ID
Vold, Karen Womack 1992, AZ
Walker, Mary 1959- 2013, TX
Wright, Martha 1951- 2000, TX