Hall of Great Westerners

The history of the American West is one of extraordinary human achievement and moral purpose. Its people and their lives have held a pervasive, enduring appeal not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

The more than 200 men and women honored within the Hall of Great Westerners represent the heart and spirit of this virile Western heritage and embody a precious and immutable legacy. Explorers, Native American leaders, writers, poets, statesmen and others who have revered the land, cherished freedom of individuality, inspired their fellow man, and found the strength of character to overcome tremendous adversity find a home within this unique and enduring national memorial.

Inductees are recognized with a permanent wall placard located in the Edward L. Gaylord Exhibition Wing.

Name Vital Information Year Awarded Notes
Ackerman, Jasper D. 1896-1988 1978, Colorado Cattleman, Rancher, Banker, Philanthropist
Adams, Horace Greeley, Sr. 1862-1933 1997, Kansas Businessman, Farmer, Cattle raiser
Ahumada, Ramon 1868-1926 1958, Arizona Superb horseman, roundup boss and rancher
Altube, Pedro 1826-1904 1960, Nevada Father of Basques in America, vast rancher and cattleman
Arrington, George Washington 1844-1923 2003, Texas Texas Ranger, Manager of the Rocking Chair Ranch
Ash, Ben C. 1851-1946 1959, South Dakota Frontiersman, trail blazer, peace officer
Austin, Stephen Fuller 1793-1836 1958, Texas Colonizer, secretary of the Republic, state builder and rancher; founder of Anglo-Texas
Autry, Gene 1907-1998 1980, Texas/Oklahoma Western entertainer
Baber, William Hugh 1893-1968 1971, California Outstanding in livestock and farming industry
Bair, Charles Monroe 1857-1943 1975, Montana "King of the Western Wool Growers"
Baldrige, Malcolm 1922-1987 1984, Nebraska U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Barby, Otto Carl 1865-1954 1958, Oklahoma Homesteader in the "No Man's Land" and conservationist
Barker, Squire Omar 1894-1985 1978, New Mexico Poet; Author
Barnes, Will Croft 1858-1936 1961, Arizona Pioneer cowman, territorial legislator, range official, writer, recipient of Congressional medal of honor
Beale, Edward Fitzgerald 1822-1893 1958, At Large (California) Surveyor, Indian agent, developer of state's largest ranch, officer, frontiersman
Bellmon, Henry 1921-2009 2005, Oklahoma Oklahoma's first Republican Governor Member of the U.S. Senate
Bent, William W. 1809-1869 1960, Colorado Frontiersman, Indian trader, fort builder
Berry, Thomas Jefferson 1879-1951 1962, South Dakota Cattleman, legislator, as governor rescued state from depression and drought woes
Bixby, Fred Hathaway 1875-1952 1958, California Huge ranch operator, philanthropist, farm and livestock official
Blizzard, Warren Lale 1888-1954 1958, At Large (Oklahoma) World-known animal husbandman; Dean of Agriculture at Oklahoma State University
Boettcher, Charles 1852-1948 1963, Colorado Business interests included hardware, banking, beet sugar factories, cement plants, electric light and power, meat packing, real estate and ranching
Boice, Frank Seymour 1894-1956 1958, At Large (Arizona) Rancher, national cattle industry leader
Borein, John Edward 1872-1945 1971, At Large (California) Western Artist
Bradley, Lewis Rice 1806-1879 1959, Nevada Cattleman and second governor of state
Bratt, John P. 1842-1918 1959, Nebraska Rancher, politician, territorial and state leader and developer
Bridger, Jim 1804-1881 1976, At Large Trapper, frontiersman, scout and guide, mountain man
Briscoe, Dolph Jr. 1923- 2004, Texas Rancher, Philanthropist, Governor of Texas
Brite, Lucas Charles 1860-1941 1997, Texas Master stockman and breeder, livestock industry leader; "Cowman Extraordinaire"
Brown, Lieutenant General Charles W. 2014,
Browning, J. Ernest 1899-1984 1991, Arizona American Quarter Horse Association
Buckley, J. M. 1878-1962 1964, North Dakota Early-day cowboy, horseman, and foreman of the great HT ranch.
Burnett, Samuel Burk 1849-1922 1969, Texas Texas pioneer cattleman; founder of Four Sixes Ranch
Burnett, Thomas Loyd 1871-1938 1978, Texas Cattleman; 1976 Livestock Hall of Fame inductee
Bursum, Holm Olaf 1867-1953 1965, New Mexico Rancher who led statehood movement and was chairman of Constitution Convention
Calhoon, Wina Rae 1894-1986 2004, Oklahoma Pioneer Panhandle Oklahoma woman, school teacher
Carey, Joseph Maull 1845-1924 1959, Wyoming Territorial and state official, U.S. Senator, author of reclamation laws, rancher
Carroll, Floyd Eugene 1893- 1998, Wyoming Veterinarian, Stunt rider
Carson, Christopher "Kit" Houston 1809-1868 1959, At Large (Colorado) Guide for Fremont and Kearny expeditions that helped overthrow Spanish control and open the West, frontiersman
Casement, Dan Dillon 1868-1953 1958, Kansas Cattleman; blue ribbon breeder and feeder, stock association builder
Cather, Willa Sibert 1873-1947 1974, Nebraska Novelist, short-story writer
Cazier, Henry Hallowell 1885-1963 1965, Nevada Civic-minded rancher and electric power developer
Chain, Ralph 1927- 2011, Oklahoma Cattleman; Agro-Tourism Pioneer
Chapman, James Allen 1881-1966 1968, Oklahoma Oil pioneer of the Southwest whose philanthropies have greatly advanced educational, charitable and health institutions of the region
Chisholm, Jesse 1805or6-1868 1974, At Large (Oklahoma) Scout, Trader, Interpreter, Frontiersman
Chisum, John Simpson 1824-1884 1958, New Mexico Cattleman; trailblazer, trail driver
Chouteau, Jean Pierre 1758-1849 1975, At Large (Oklahoma) Fur Trader, Indian Agent, Frontiersman
Clark, Badger 1883-1957 1989, South Dakota Cowboy Poet; South Dakota's First Poet Laureate
Clark, Joshua Reuben, Jr. 1871-1961 1962, Utah Farmer, cattleman, lawyer, state and federal government official, served as Under Secretary of State and Ambassador to Mexico
Clark, William 1770-1838 1965, At Large (Virginia) Distinguished army officer who was co-leader of Lewis & Clark Expedition, explorer, Indian official
Clarkson, Al 1866-1957 1961, South Dakota Horse breeder and cattleman
Clay, John 1851-1934 1961, At Large Cattleman; one of America's leading ranch managers and founder of businesses dealing with agriculture and livestock
Cody, William "Buffalo Bill" Frederick 1846-1917 1958, At Large (Nebraska) Express rider, scout, showman
Coffee, Charles Franklin 1847-1935 1966, Nebraska Rancher and banker who was one of the leaders in development of the great Omaha stock yards
Colcord, Charles Francis 1859-1934 1959, Oklahoma Rancher, town & city builder, civic leader
Collins, Charles E. 1869-1944 1960, Colorado Trail hand, cowboy, outstanding cattleman
Connolly, William 1861-1946 1963, North Dakota Charitable rancher
Cook, James Henry 1857-1942 1960, Nebraska Trail driver, scout, rancher
Craig, James Taylor 1862-1930 1963, South Dakota Cattleman; Pioneer in livestock industry
Creighton, Edward 1820-1874 1958, Nebraska Telegraph builder
Crowley, Matt 1875-1955 1960, North Dakota Cattleman; Conservationist, Public official
Culberson, Victor 1863-1930 1958, New Mexico Cattleman
Currie, Alex 1859-1937 1959, North Dakota Farmer; Stockman; Horse and cattle breeder
Curtiss, Charles Franklin 1863-1947 1959, At Large (Iowa) Dean of agriculture; breeder of better livestock
Dahlman, James Charles 1856-1930 1964, Nebraska Omaha's cowboy mayor, a cattleman and former sheriff of Dawes County
Darby, Harry 1895- 1978, Kansas Industrialist; Senator; Rancher
Daulton, Henry Clay 1829-1893 1958, California Rancher, miner, Public Official
Davis, J. Leslie 1919- 2000, New Mexico Owner of the CS Cattle Company in Cimarron, NM
Davis, Linda Mitchell 1930- 2000, New Mexico Owner of the CS Cattle Company in Cimarron, NM
Denny, Arthur Armstrong 1822-1899 1962, Washington Founder of Seattle; Merchant; Public official
Dobie, James Frank 1888-1964 1965, Texas Author & Texas Folklorist
Dodge, Grenville Mellen 1831-1916 1963, At Large Soldier; Engineer; Railroad builder; author
Dominguez, Don Manuel 1803-1882 2005, California Early California land grant recipient, prominent rancher, businessman and politician
Douglas, Lewis W. 1894-1974 2002, Arizona Served in Arizona legislature, the Congress, and under President Roosevelt as Director of Budget; formed Douglas Livestock Company; served as Ambassador to Great Britain
Dressler, Fred H. 1898-1997 1982, Nevada Cattleman
Drummond, Frederick F. 1931- 2006, Oklahoma Cattleman, Banker
Eade, Wes C. 1874-1960 1961, California Cattleman
Eade, Kenneth 1906-2000 2013, California Rancher; Stockman
Eaton, Howard 1851-1922 1983, Wyoming Dude Rancher
Edmunds, Newton 1819-1908 1964, South Dakota Second Governor of the Dakota Territory
Eisenhower, Dwight David 1890-1969 1973, At Large General and U.S. President
Evans, John 1814-1897 1963, Colorado Physician; Businessman; Public official
Farr, W.D. 1910- 2007, Colorado Livestock production, banking, water development
Fitzpatrick, Thomas "Broken Hand" 1799-1854 2004, Missouri Fur trader, Mountain man, guide, Indian agent
Flake, William Jordan 1839-1932 1959, Arizona Colonizer; Cattleman
Floyd, Calvin W. 1872-1955 1958, Kansas Cattleman; Banker
Follis, James William 1865-1950 1967, North Dakota Cattleman
Ford, Robert Simpson 1842-1914 1958, Montana Cattleman
Forster, Don Juan 1814-1882 1996, California California Ranchero
Franklin, Dr. O M 1886 – 1973 2011, Texas Cattleman; Research Veterinarian
Fremont, John Charles 1813-1890 2000, California Explorer
French, Peter 1849-1897 1966, Oregon Cattleman
Gates, John Warne 1855-1911 1972, At Large Promoter, Speculator, Captain of Industry
Gaylord, Edward King 1873-1974 1974, Oklahoma Publisher; Philanthropist
Giannini, Amadeo Peter 1870-1949 1963, California Banker
Gilcrease, William Thomas 1890-1962 1971, Oklahoma Oilman; Banker; Art Collector
Goldwater, Barry Morris 1909-1998 1991, Arizona Senator; Presidential Candidate
Goodall, John W. 1857-1931 1958, North Dakota Cattleman; Sheriff
Gooding, Frank Robert 1859-1929 1958, Indiana Stockman; Public Official
Goodman, John 1952- 2014,
Goodnight, Charles 1836-1929 1955, At Large (Texas) Cowman; Plainsman
Grandin, PhD, Temple 1947- 2012, Colorado Doctor of animal science and professor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior
Grant, George 1822-1878 1961, Kansas Colonizer; Cattleman
Grey, Pearl Zane 1872-1939 1977, At Large Author of western romances
Hailey, John 1835-1921 1958, Idaho Stockman; Public official; Plainsman
Hale, John Dickinson 1847-1929 1966, South Dakota Cattleman; Political leader
Haley, James Evetts 1901-1995 1990, Texas Author of more than 20 books
Hamblin, Jacob 1819-1886 1958, Utah Mormon Missionary and Colonizer
Hansen, Clifford P. 1912- 1995, Wyoming Banker, Stock Grower, Governor, Senator
Harper, Jesse C. 1883-1961 1962, Kansas Cattleman; Coach
Haythorn, Howard C. 1929- 2008, Nebraska Innovative Cattleman & leader in Quarter Horse breeding
Hearst, George 1996, California Philanthropist
Hearst, Phoebe 1996, California Philanthropist
Hill, James Jerome 1838-1916 1958, At Large (Minnesota) Railroad builder
Hinkle, James Fielding 1862-1951 1964, New Mexico Cattleman
Hitch, Henry Charles, Sr. 1884-1967 1972, Oklahoma Cattleman
Hitch, James Kerrick 1855-1921 1962, Oklahoma Rancher
Holdrege, George Ward 1847-1926 1965, Nebraska Railroad builder; Cattleman
Holler, D. C. "Rusty" 1920-1999 1997, Wyoming Cattle rancher
Holliday, Cyrus Kurtz 1826-1900 1960, At Large (Kansas) Railroad Builder; Town Founder
Hollister, William Welles 1818-1886 1959, California Stockman; Civic Developer
Holt, John M. 1848-1913 1960, Montana Cattleman
Hooker, Henry Clay 1828-1907 1960, Arizona "Aristocratic Cowman"
Houston, Samuel 1793-1863 1960, At Large (Texas) Soldier; Statesman
Huffman, Laton Alton 1854-1931 1976, Montana Photographer
Huntington, Collis Potter 1821-1900 1968, California Railroad magnate; Capitalist
Hyatt, Samuel Calhoun 1891-1978 1978, Wyoming Rancher
Ikard, Bose 1847-1929 1999, Texas African American Cowboy worked for Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight
Iliff, John Wesley 1831-1878 1960, Colorado Cattle King of Colorado
Irvine, William C. 1852-1924 1965, Wyoming Stockman; Civic and State Developer
Ivins, Anthony Woodward 1852-1931 1958, Utah Cattleman; Church Official; Civic Leader
James, Will 1892-1942 1992, Nevada Writer; Artist
Jeffers, Myron D. 1833-1900 1963, Montana Cattleman
Johnson, Ben, Sr. 1896-1952 1961, Oklahoma Cattleman; Ranchman; Champion Steer roper
Jones, Charles Jesse "Buffalo" 1844-1919 1959, Kansas Plainsman; Buffalo hunter who became conservationist
Jones, L. L. 1879-1954 1964, Kansas Cattleman; Veterinarian
Jones, Tom 1868-1949 1961, South Dakota Cattleman; Rancher; Roundup Boss
Joseph, Nez Perce Chief 1840-1904 1973, At Large (Oregon) Leader of the Nez Perce in the hostilities of 1877
Justin, John S., Jr. 1999, Texas Boot Maker
Keith, Morell Case 1823-1899 1962, Nebraska Cattleman
Kendrick, John Benjamin 1857-1933 1958, Wyoming Former Governor and U.S. Senator
Kenedy, Mifflin 1818-1895 1960, Texas Cattleman; Rancher; Railroad builder
Keogh, Frank 1877-1955 1965, North Dakota Cattleman
Kielhorn, Emil C. 1876-1946 1963, Kansas Farming & Livestock
King, Richard 1824-1885 1959, At Large (Texas) King Ranch; Steamboat captain
Kingsbury, Adkin Wallace 1842-1924 1971, Montana Stockman; Pioneer Montana Rancher
Kinkaid, Moses Pierce 1854-1922 1963, Nebraska Lawyer; Congressman
Kino, Eusebio Francisco 1644-1711 1963, Arizona Missionary; Explorer; Cattleman; Author; Priest
Kittredge, William 1876-1958 1966, Oregon Oregon Cattle Empire
Kleberg, Robert Justus, Jr. 1896-1974 1975, Texas Livestock Breeding; Ranch Management
Knight, Jesse 1845-1921 1964, Utah Stockman; Entrepreneur
Kohrs, Carsten Conrad 1835-1920 1958, Montana King of Montana Cattlemen
Lacey, John 1938 2013, California Rancher; Stockman
Lasater, Edward Cunningham 1860-1930 1961, Texas Pioneer Texas Dairyman
Lea, Tom 1907- 1995, Texas Author; Illustrator; Artist
Lemmon, George Edward 1857-1946 1958, South Dakota Cattleman
Lewis, Meriwether 1774-1809 1965, At Large Explorer; Governor
Lillie, Gordon William "Pawnee Bill" 1860-1942 2010, Illinois Performer, Educator, Buffalo Hunter and Indian Interpreter
Lincoln, Abraham 1809-1865 1972, At Large Frontiersman; President
Linderman, Frank Bird 1869-1938 2007, Montana Historian, writer, ethnographer
Lott, Mortimer Hewlett 1827-1920 1965, Montana Miner; Civic Developer
Loving, Oliver 1812-1867 1958, Texas Cattleman; Trail blazer
Luna, Solomon 1858-1912 1963, New Mexico Stockman; Sheepman
Lytle, John Thomas 1844-1907 1966, Texas Cattle Baron; Dean of Cattlemen
Mabee, John & Lottie 1879-1961 1996, Texas Oklahoma Petroleum industry; largest independent oil well drilling contractor in southwest
Mackenzie, Murdo 1850-1939 1981, Colorado Cattle industry; Matador Ranch
Manning, Daniel 1845-1914 1961, North Dakota Cattleman; Rancher; Farmer; Miner
Marion, Anne W. 1938- 2009, Texas Owns the 245,000 acre Four Sixes Ranch assuming its management in 1980; Director Emeritus of NCM; 2005 National Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductee; Daughter of GW inductee, Anne Burnett Tandy; Samuel Burk Burnett, great grandfather; Tom Burnett, grandfather
Matthews, Sallie Reynolds 1861-1938 1981, Texas Author; Pioneer
Matthews, Watkins "Watt" Reynolds 1899-1997 1990, Texas Dean of Texas cattlemen
Maxwell, Lucien Bonaparte 1818-1875 1959, New Mexico Cattleman; Banker
McClure, Jake 1902-1940 1955, At Large Rancher; Rodeo Performer
McCoy, Joseph Geiting 1837-1915 1967, Kansas Cattleman; Author
McGinty, William M."Billy" 1871-1961 2000, Oklahoma Rough rider, Wild West Show Performer
McLeod, Charles Herbert 1859-1946 1964, Montana Merchant; Missouri Mercantile Company
Mears, Otto 1840-1931 1964, Colorado Pathfinder of the San Juans; Toll road and railroad builder
Meeker, Nathan Cook 1814or17-1879 1970, Colorado Newspaperman; Colonizer
Merrick, Walter F. 1911- 2003, Oklahoma Horsemen
Miller, George Lee 1881-1929 1983, Oklahoma 101 Ranch
Miller, Henry 1827-1916 1958, At Large (California) Great land developer and rancher on giant scale
Miller, Joseph Carson 1868-1927 1983, Oklahoma 101 Ranch
Miller, Zachary Taylor 1878-1952 1983, Oklahoma 101 Ranch
Mitchell, Albert Knell 1896-1980 1977, New Mexico Rancher; Cattleman
Mitchell, Thomas Edward 1863-1934 1962, New Mexico Pioneer Cattleman
Moffatt, William Henry 1875-1963 1964, Nevada Stockman
Monahan, Earl Harrison 1899-1991 1990, Nebraska Rancher
Moore, John "Tex" Marcellus 1865-1950 1964, Texas Cowboy and artist
Moorhouse, Bob 2010, Texas Rancher, Horse Breeder, Photographer
Morris, Esther Hobart Slack 1814-1902 1973, Wyoming Mother of Women's Suffrage
Mossman, Burton C. "Cap" 1867-1956 1960, New Mexico Stockman
Muir, John 1838-1914 2006, California Conservationist; writer
Myers, John Walker 1825-1901 1960, Wyoming Pioneer Trader; Cattleman
Noble, Sam 1925-1992 1996, Oklahoma Oilman & philanthropist; married Mary Jane Curtis; oldest child of Lloyd Noble, who was the founder of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore, OK; Samuel Roberts Noble being his grandfather
Norris, Robert 2014,
North, Frank Joshua 1840-1885 1958, Nebraska Military Leader; Cattleman
O'Connor, Sandra Day 1930- 2001, Arizona El Paso, TX, Supreme Court Justice & co-author of the Lazy B
O'Donel, Charles M. 1860-1933 1966, New Mexico Manager of the Bell Ranch
Orvis, Charles Bruce 1858-1955 1962, California Pioneer veterinarian and stockman
Owens, Richard Roy 1881-1953 1960, California Cattleman
Palmer, William Jackson 1836-1909 1962, At Large Railroad Builder of Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
Parker, John Palmer 1790-1868 2008, Hawaii Rancher; Innovation and conservation methods for water and timber resources, developed markets for beef, tallow, hides and other commodities to accommodate whaling industry
Pauly, Peter 1871-1953 1968, Montana Cattleman; Banker
Paxton, Chester 1909-2000 1998, Nebraska Hereford Rancher
Paxton, William A. 1837-1907 1961, Nebraska Cattleman; Railroad Construction
Payne, Dave D. 1871-1969 1971, Texas Cattleman
Penrose, Spencer 1865-1939 2001, Colorado Friend of Will Rogers & builder of the Broadmoor Hotel & Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun
Perot, Henry Ross 1930- 1985, Texas Data Corporations; Presidential candidate
Petry, Nicholas 1918-1999 2002, Colorado Chairman of the Board for National Western Stock Show; Generous benefactor to University of Colorado; Citizen of the West award in 1986
Philip, James "Scotty" 1858-1911 1958, South Dakota Cattleman; Buffalo preservation
Phillips, Frederic Augustus 1869-1964 1967, Oregon Rancher; Cattleman; Farm Credit Leader
Poole, William Davis 1829-1911 1960, Kansas Cattleman
Porter, Henry Miller 1840-1937 1966, Colorado Telegraph builder; Cattleman; Banker
Powell, John Wesley 1834-1902 1984, At Large Geologist; Ethnologist
Prowers, John Wesley 1838-1884 1963, Colorado Freighter; Merchant; Cattleman
Raine, William MacLeod 1871-1954 1959, At Large (Colorado) Dean of western novelists with 80 books in 19 million copies (1971)
Ralston, James Kenneth 1896- 1978, Montana Cowboy; Pioneer; Artist
Reagan, Ronald Wilson 1911-2004 1989, California Actor; Governor; President
Reeves, Bass 1838-1910 1992, Oklahoma African American Peace Officer
Remington, Frederic Sackrider 1861-1909 1960, At Large Artist; Sculptor; Illustrator
Reynolds, George Thomas 1844-1925 1974, Texas Pioneer Cowman; Banker; Member of well-known Reynolds ranching family
Rhodes, Eugene Manlove 1869-1934 1958, At Large (New Mexico) Novelist, short-story writer
Richards, Bartlett 1862-1911 1970, Nebraska Cattleman; Spade Ranch co-founder
Richards, Wilse L. 1862-1953 1958, North Dakota Stockman
Riggs, Lynn 1899-1954 1965, Oklahoma Playwright; Author
Rogers, William "Will" Penn Adair 1879-1935 1955, At Large (Oklahoma) Cowboy; Humorist; Sagebrush Philosopher
Roosevelt, Theodore "Teddy" 1858-1919 1955, At Large (North Dakota) Naturalist; Cattleman; President; Politician; Conservationist
Rothrock, Frank Miles 1870-1957 1959, Washington Stockman
Ruffner, George C. 1862-1933 1958, Arizona Pioneer Lawman
Russ, Joseph 1825-1886 1965, California Stockman; Merchant
Russell, Charles Marion 1864-1926 1955, At Large (Montana) Artist
Russell, Hubbard Searles 1885-1963 1970, California Cattleman
Sacagawea, 1786-1884 1959, At Large Lemhi Shoshone Interpreter and Guide for Lewis & Clark
Sandoz, Mari 1896-1966 1998, Nebraska Author
Saunders, Joseph Benjamin 1901-1989 1979, Texas Oil Company Executive & Philanthropist
Schreiner, Charles A. 1838-1927 1964, Texas Cattleman
Scorup, John Albert 1872-1959 1960, Utah Cattleman; Mormon High Priest
Sequoyah, Cherokee Indian 1770?-1843 1964, Oklahoma Linguist; Cherokee syllabary inventor
Sieben, Henry 1847-1937 1961, Montana Cattleman
Simplot, J. R. 1909- 1996, Idaho Industrial Magnate; Dehydrated potatoes
Simpson, Milward L. 1898- 1985, Wyoming Governor; U.S. Senator
Slaughter, John Horton 1841-1922 1964, Arizona Pioneer cattleman and trail-driver of Texas, the Pecos, and Arizona and Sheriff of Tombstone
Smet, Pierre-Jean de 1801-1873 1968, At Large (Nebraska) Jesuit Missionary
Smith, Hiram Francis 1829-1893 1960, Washington Cattleman; Regional Developer; Father of Okanogan County
Smith, Jedediah Strong 1799-1831 1964, At Large Explorer; Trader
Snipes, Benjamin Elam 1835-1906 1958, Washington Cattleman; Pioneer
Sparks, John 1843-1908 1958, Nevada Rancher, Politician, Cattleman; Governor
Spear, Willis M. 1862-1936 1970, Wyoming Cattleman
Splawn, Andrew Jackson 1845-1917 1958, Washington Cattleman; Civic Leader
Springer, Charles 1858-1933 1961, New Mexico Cattleman; Political Leader
Steagall, Red 1937- 2003, Texas Official cowboy poet of Texas, 4-time WHA wrangler winner; syndicated weekly "Cowboy Corner" radio show
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls 1818-1862 1962, Washington Military Leader; Territorial Governor
Stewart, William Morris 1827-1909 1964, Nevada Lawyer, Nevada politician
Stickney, Victor Hugo 1855-1921 1966, North Dakota Physician; "Pioneer Doctor"
Story, Nelson, Sr. 1838-1926 1959, Montana Cattleman; Merchant
Stratton, Winfield Scott 1848-1902 1967, Colorado Miner; Community Builder
Strauss, Levi 1829-1902 1994, California Inventor of the Blue Jean
Stuart, Granville 1834-1918 1966, Montana Pioneer; Frontiersman
Survant, John 1864-1951 1962, Montana Cattleman; Merchant
Swan, Alexander Hamilton 1831-1905 1960, At Large Cattleman; Founder of South Omaha Land Syndicate; helped organize the Omaha Union Stockyards Company
Swenson, Svante Magnus 1816-1896 1972, Texas Cattleman; Rancher
Tandy, Anne Burnett 1900-1980 1994, Texas Rancher; Philanthropist
Taylor, Jay Littleton 1902-1982 1982, Texas Cattle; Oil; Banking
Terrett, William Wiseham 1847-1922 1967, Montana Founder of JO Ranch; Cattleman
Thatcher, Mahlon Daniel 1839-1916 1963, Colorado Banker
Tilghman, William Matthew 1854-1924 1960, Oklahoma Lawman; Marshal
Tompkins, Charles Harland 1873-1957 1958, Oklahoma Cattleman; Showman; Drover; Rodeo Champion; Civic Leader
Turner, Frederick Jackson 1861-1932 2009, Wisconsin "Educator; his 1893 essay, ""The Significance of the Frontier in American History"" that laid out his Frontier Thesis: ""The existence of an area of free land, its continuous recession, and the advance of American settlement westward explain American development."""
Voigt, Andrew 1867-1939 1962, North Dakota Cattleman, rancher
Waggoner, Daniel 1828-1902 1959, Texas Pioneer Cattleman, developer
Wallace, Benjamin Franklin 1860-1946 1963, Arizona Cattleman
Warren, Conrad Kohrs 1907-1993 1989, Montana Pioneered modern ranching techniques and range management practices
Warren, Francis Emroy 1844-1929 1958, Wyoming Stockman; Governor; U.S. Senator
Washakie, Chief 1798(1804?)-1900 1979, Wyoming Chief; Artist, Flathead/Shoshoni
Webb, Walter Prescott 1888-1963 2012, Texas Historian, author
Wheeler, Daniel Clay 1840-1915 1958, Nevada Rancher; Civic Worker; Humanitarian
Whitcomb, Elias W. 1838-1915 1971, Wyoming Cattleman
Wieghorst, Olaf 1899-1988 1992, Arizona Artist
Wister, Owen 1860-1938 1976, At Large Novelist; Author; Chronicler of the West
Worcester, Samuel Austin 1798-1859 1963, Oklahoma Missionary to the Cherokee Indians
York, 1770 (ca.) - ca. 1832 2001, Kentucky African American Explorer with the Lewis & Clark expedition
Young, Brigham 1801-1877 1958, At Large (Utah) Colonizer of Utah; Mormon Leader