Ben Johnson Memorial Award

The Ben Johnson Award was first presented at the annual Rodeo Historical Society banquet in October, 1998 during the unveiling of a bronze image of Ben Johnson mounted on his favorite horse. The bronze, sculpted by California artist Mehl Lawson, is permanently located in the Museum's American Rodeo Gallery. The annual award is presented to a living person who has been involved in the rodeo industry for a number of years and has contributed to the growth and betterment of pro-rodeo. Involvement with youth and/or community activities also is a pre-requisite for the honor. And the recipient must be someone who, like Ben Johnson, creates a positive image for rodeo and the Western lifestyle.

Name Vital Information Year Awarded
Beaver, Joe 2014, TX
Cooke, A.J. "Jack" 1925-2008 2003, AZ CA
Dean, Oliver 1929 2010, ID
Decker, Tater 1924- 2013, NM
Garrison, Walt 1944- 2011, TX
Gay, Neal 1926- 2009, TX
Harrington, Don 1925- 2002, MT
Ivory, Buster 1923-2003 1999, TX
Mahan, Larry 1943- 2007, OR
McSpadden, Clem 1925-2008 1998, OK
Minick, Billy 1939- 2008, TX
Potter, Mel 1935- 2005, AZ
Rosser, Cotton 1928- 2006, CA
Sheppard, Chuck 1916-2005 2001, AZ
Shoulders, Jim 1928-2007 2004, OK
Smith, Dale D. 1928- 2000, AZ
Smith, Bill 1941 2012, WY